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( A $1.000 value ).  If you have not used our web design services and in need of professional SEO, below is what we can do for your company.

Local SEO

We provide local search optimization solutions for businesses looking to increase their local search engine presence. It’s not just enough to be the number 1 position in the local search results anymore. Google continues to update local search results based on user feedback and user common behavior to give visitors exactly what they want, where they want. In order to be more convenient for the user, Google is beginning to display local search results whenever is convenient for the user.

Google has been improving the amount of algorithmic weight put on Google Local search listing and Maps; and if this trend is any indication, that tendency will only continue to increase over time.

With the integraton of Google Maps in local search results, your number 1 position may get bumped. It’s important to ensure the Google Local search listings is optimized to its fullest capacity and that your site is being moved higher in the Google Map search results.

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Organic SEO

SEO is more than just a ranking a website. It’€™s about increasing your website traffic and getting more leads to engage with your site €“ and ultimately your business €“ in exactly the way you want them to. So when a customer tells us they want to rank for A€œ car rental€ or a cheap flights€, we treat it as just a conversation.

The competition for the top spots in those searches is huge and the traffic could be better qualified. Your clients are searching for all sorts of phrases; the key is identifying how to bring you the most conversions, not the most traffic. You might be better off targeting a more specific keyword, or optimizing your content to convert more clients of the traffic you’re already getting in your website.

There€™s no such one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. When we have a conversation with you, we’ll recommend an effective approach thatâ€s affordable but still gives you the business momentum you a€™re after.

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